Slab Built Mugs! | Pottery Class
Slab Built Mugs! | Pottery Class

Slab Built Mugs! | Pottery Class

May 25


Join me in the studio for a class that will result in your future favorite mug! In this class, I’ll guide you through the mug building process to end with item that you'll be proud to use again and again. You’ll be able to stamp, carve or paint a design once you create your mug to truly customize it!

These classes we will keep it simple and fun concentrating on the theme at hand - a slab built mug! If it’s an extra nice day we may work outside — just something to keep in mind. 

Items will be ready for pickup within 2 weeks of the class, after they get coated with a clear glaze (making them food safe!) and fired for the second time in the kiln. Shipping can be arranged for $15.

Space is limited in each class.

I can't wait to see you! Let’s have some fun!!!! 



Regular price$75.00

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