If it were me, and I wanted to know what was going on, and someone tried to tell me a story BEFORE telling me the big news - especially a Carl story - I'd likely just skim down the paragraphs to get to the good stuff. But to us, it's ALL good stuff, and we don't want you to just get bits and pieces.So, without further ado, and with SUCH lightness, love, and gratitude radiating from our souls to our hearts and then right out of our faces - we'd like to let you know that we have closed our chapter as the proud owners of One Coastal. You might be waiting for me to declare how bittersweet it is to let go of this first baby of ours, but I have to tell you - all we feel is pride and joy at the path we've walked since 2014 WITH YOU, and excitement for the opportunities to come that will shape our family's future.  DON'T WORRY! The restaurant you know and love is not closing! Quite the opposite; it's in wonderful hands and will be lovingly run by Chef Matthew Kern and his wonderful wife, Karen. Not only are they super pumped for this opportunity, but I know their commitment to the community and support for local farmers is unparalleled. (And yes, they'll be honoring all gift cards if you have one tucked away!) We wish them the best as they move forward with One Coastal - save us a seat at the bar!

In 8 years of business, we have made. hundreds (thousands? bazillions?) of decisions revolving around the restaurant and all of them (even the teeeeeeny tiny ones) were done with intention, love and careful consideration of the pros and cons. This decision, though it definitely qualifies as a BIG ASS DECISION, was weighed - and ultimately decided on - in much the same way.  Through happy tears I write this: NONE of this would have been possible without the constant support of our village. You lifted us up every time we felt beaten down, defeated, and desperate; as small-business owner we felt plenty of our shares of each - even it we weren't always public about it. You were there for us when we said goodbye to breakfast (I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I know you all loved it!) and when COVID tried to say goodbye to us (no chance, with you on our side). You were there to share in our triumphs - the pretty ridiculous amount of awards, parties, all the recognition and media coverage - that all stems from YOU. Most important, BY FAR, is the fact that you were there when our babies were born into this world and changed us forever. Eamer and Abel are better for being loved by you all - and that goes for us, too. 

This transition has been in the works for awhile, and I'm sorry we weren't able to take you on that journey (it was freaking wild) in real time. But we CAN look back on it and talk about what it was like to come to this decision, how we've been doing since then until this pivotal moment, and the evolution of what's coming We want to share all of that with you - and more.  I'm going to keep baking and creating, Scott's going to keep farming, and we're both going to keep raising these beautiful, rad little humans. But now we can do it without distraction, and the implications of that are pretty dang magical.

So! What's next? You'll keep seeing our normal antics on our Instagram @twainandabel ... but if you love our 'gram and want MORE Carey Family content, exclusive access to behind the scenes projects, and just a general deeper dive into our lives and this next chapter because you love us - please come over and support us on Patreon!* We definitely have a lot to bring to the table in 2022, and it would mean the world to us to walk through these adventures together! 

If you read this far - we flipping love you.  Thanks for all you've done with us since 2014 - can't wait to see what's next! 
From our family to yours: THANK YOU.
Carlie, Scott, Eamer Twain and Abel "Squid" Carey*

For anyone not familiar with Patreon (like me, about 2 months ago) - you can view our welcome video which might help you answer some questions. Here's my take, if you're interested: Patreon is a place where you can directly support your favorite creators by "subscribing" to their page. A monthly subscription costs about as much as a drive-thru cup of coffee or two - between $4 - $10 a month, generally speaking. And for that cost, you'll directly support certain folks so that they - in turn - can support YOU with the content you most like to see. One-on-videos? Business advice or mentorship? Style inspiration? In-depth baking videos with exclusive recipes? Room tours with links to shop? YOU are truly the one that drives the Patreon bus, and I'd love to be on board with you! I promise - you don't want to miss this!