Doing My Best Mug

My motto for life, and maybe it’s yours, too. ❤️ A few things: this mug was technically a mess-up…I thought I did this carved design on all-white clay so that the colors would pop. I also drew cute little yellow stars around the mug body, you can see slight remnants in this photo. Meanwhile - IT WAS SPECKLED. (In my defense all clay looks super similar when dry 🥵) The point is- you can order a slightly off-kilter *speckled* version like this one (the handle would also be speckled to match the mug…that’s the only part I used the white clay for in this one 🤣) OR a white clay one. And you can choose a brightly colored design (like this one) or a more neutral version. Both will be hand carved, dipped in cream glaze to finish, and super cute. And I promise - I won’t mix up your clay.

These mugs are made to order and will ship within 4-6weeks. They are also dishwasher in microwave safe!

As always, all of my pottery is handmade by me and our tiny farm studio. My goal is not perfection, but rather to create beautiful, heirloom pieces that have a story and will be loved for years to come. Due to the handmade nature of this process, all items will have slight variations. No two items are alike! We like to see the beauty and differences, and hope you do too!


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